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Rehearsal Info

Rehearsals are every Sunday between 6:45pm and 9:00pm. They are held in building 2, room 1083. The building itself is only a short walk from Highfield Interchange. Within the building, the room is downstairs on the south side. 

The doors should be open for access without a keycard until 7.00pm. If it is locked and there is no-one to open the door with a keycard or from the inside, send a message to the Facebook page and someone will come and open it for you.

With every new song that we rehearse, sheet music will be handed out to you. You do not have to be able to read sheet music to join the choir, although it does help. You will generally be asked to hold onto the music between rehearsals so do try to look after it. If you lose a piece of music, inform our librarian as soon as possible so it can be replaced.