Rehearsal Info

Rehearsals are every Sunday between 6:45pm and 9:00pm in Building 46, Room 3001. Our first rehearsal is on the 3rd of October. Committee members dressed in bright green clothing will be at Highfield Interchange and outside the Students Union to guide new students to the rehearsal room.

The large size of our rehearsal room will allow us to practice social distancing, but we also ask that you wear a facemask at all times except for when you are singing. We will require a recent negative COVID test result before every rehearsal.

We will provide you with sterilised sheet music to keep at every rehearsal. Please bring all of your sheet music each week as we will often do recaps. If you lose your sheet music, let a committee member know.

You do not have to be able to read sheet music to join the choir, although it does help. We are completely non-auditioned!

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